Symbol no. 11 - The Eternal World Picture*

The symbol shows the universe in its entirety. The universe is a living being, which manifests itself in six different life spheres. Each sphere consists of living beings, where their experience of life is created through the interaction with the surroundings, and therefore with the universe or with God.


1. The white star and the beam of rays in the middle symbolise God, while the white circles and the rays originating out of them express the individual living beings.

2. The coloured areas are the reaction of the meeting between God and the living beings. These reactions constitute the six life spheres, indicated by each colour and energy:

 RED - the plant kingdom - instinct
 ORANGE - the animal kingdom - gravity
 YELLOW - the real human kingdom - feeling
 GREEN - the kingdom of wisdom - intelligence
 BLUE - the divine world - intuition
 INDIGO - the kingdom of bliss - memory

3. The colour fields also show the cosmic spiral cycle, where the Earth is situated in the animal kingdom.

4. The star shape symbolises the cosmic consciousness and indicates the beginning of the real human kingdom. In approx. 3000 years, that human kingdom will be a reality. The last remainders of our hereditary animal or egotistical consciousness tendencies will thereby come to an end in our experience.

5. The following superphysical spheres of existence show still higher worlds where life culminates in wisdom and love.


*) Original title: The Eternal World Picture. The Living Being II. The Eternal Godhead and the Eternal Sons of God.

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©Martinus Ideal Fonden (Martinus Ideal Foundation) 1963

Translated from Esperanto by Clifford Weinmann


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